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"A Taste of Israeli Culture" is a project of Stichting Rainbow foundation, that creates cultural and societal events in Hebrew, Dutch and English, secular and pluralistic, all-embracing.

Stichting Rainbow foundation initiates and produces small and large-scale events:

September 2014 - 3 days SPOT ON festival, with the First Lady of Israeli theatre - Lia Koenig

May 2015 - Tour of the play 'The TimeKeepers' and an evening with David Grossman, Israeli and Dutch artists, launching his novel 'A Horse Comes into A Bar' in Dutch

2016 - Cultural and societal events for the Israeli and Hebrew speaking Dutch communities

September 2017 - Theatre production: "The Marriage Certificate" by Ephraim Kishon

In 2018:

January and March - Twerking workshops with Gal Bepol

February - Triviatalon in Traffic Caffe

June - Writing workshop with the author Miri Rozovski and a meeting, in collaboration with Tzavta, with Rozovski's translator, Silvie Hoyinck


The new project 'A Taste of Israeli Culture' brings Israeli artists to The Netherlands, for unique events:

  • September 2018 - The one-woman-comedy-show of Rolanda Chagrin 'I Can Only Laugh At Myself!'

  • December 2018 - Panel meetings and performances, of international theatre makers, in honour of the late Nava Semel, an author, poet and playwright, led by Noam Semel (till recently the director of the Kameri theatre of Tel Aviv)

  • April 2019 - A series of meetings with the poets, editors and authors Dory Manor and moshe Sakal

  • June 2019 - Meetings with the awards-winner producer-director Orna Ben-Dor