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November 28, 19:00 Amsterdam


December 2, 15:00

Den Haag

In her honor

and memory

Nava Semel 1954-2016

Noam Semel will host a unique panel-discussion and performances of international theatre makers who performed Nava Semel's "The Child Behind the Eyes", in their languages.

We'll get to know about Nava and her scope of work, and the special bond with the performers of her works.

We'll see segments out of "The Child Behind the Eyes" in four languages, live and on screen, and talk about Israeli culture, society and life, in Israel and abroad.

With the participation of:

Noam Semel, Israel

Kemal Basar, Turkey

Eda Kandulu, Turey

Loes Hegger, The Netherlands

Nava Sarracino, Alaska

Vivian Melde, Alaska

Erga Netz, Israel/The Netherlands

and more!

Before the panel, there will be a performance of

The Child Behind the Eyes,

in Hebrew, with English surtitles,

performed by Erga Netz and directed by Lia Koenig