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Mike Burstyn

in Amsterdam

19-2-19 - premiere screening of AZIMUTH

in LJG

Zuidelijke Wandelweg 41, 1079 RK Amsterdam

Followed by a Q&A with Mike Burstyn

Azimuth - a film by Mike Burstyn
(Israel, 2017, 75 min, Hebrew, Arabic, English with English subtitles, Cast: Sammy Sheik, Yivtach Klein)

The Six Day War, June 9th, 1967. An Israeli sergeant and an Egyptian soldier encounter each other in an abandoned UNEF post in the Sinai desert on the day after the Israeli/Egyptian cease fire. During an ensuing firefight both men get trapped in the abandoned post; the Israeli on the ground floor, the Egyptian on the upper. Outside stands the sergeant’s Jeep, awaiting the victor.

Two soldiers, one goal: Survival!


•  Best Narrative Feature in Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2017
•  Haifa International Film Festival 2017
•  LA Israeli Film Festival 2017

20-2-19 - Mijn misjpoge

(My Family) starring Mike Burstyn

part of Lieve Stad Festival

What makes the Jewish humor so recognisable?

What does an old Jewish melody or an old folktale do, 'a mayse', with us in the Netherlands in 2019?

My Family is a wonderful night of 'naches' (feel-good) and jokes, full of 'nesjome' (soul), which brings back, for one evening, Jewish Amsterdam of then.

Played by a group of prominent actors and musicians.

Directed by Frank Affolter and starring the American-Israeli award-winner all-round actor-singer-entertainer Mike Burstyn.


Dear City, Lieve Stad, is the city festival of ITA (International Theater Amsterdam).

During Lieve Stad, ITA presents encounters with other cultures that offer refreshing perspectives. The festival - inspired by the words of former mayor Eberhard van der Laan - is our declaration of love to the city of Amsterdam and its inhabitants.