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Orna Ben Dor

The Fury and the Compassion -

Autobiography as a Toolbox for Documentary Filmmaking


Prolific documentary filmmaker Orna Ben Dor (whose films include “Because of That War,” “Guilty in Death,” “Israeli Sex,” “Mother, I Did Not Kill Your Daughter,” “Unbearable Pain,” “Oy Mama,” “Life and Death” and more) reveals significant milestones in her personal life as sources of inspiration and healing in her films. “Growing up in a loveless and violent house, I learned the hard way about mercy and rage, two sides of the same coin, which became tools that form the very foundation of my work process.” Through her work, she learned about the healing powers of the camera. She says, “It is not by chance that I became a documentary filmmaker. I believe you have to have a giant wound in you to push you into this grinding line of work. Some might say documentary filmmakers are like doctors; they can be found where it hurts. And so, day after day, I spent my time with suffering, distress, injustice, the festering wounds of others, which became my own.” Ben Dor explores and exposes worlds which exist right under our noses, and yet we know nothing about them. As soon as they are revealed, our perception of reality is forever altered. In her lecture, Ben Dor speaks about the ramifications her films have had on her life.

The event will take place on June 2nd at 14:30

in Theater Kleintje Kunst,

Kolhornseweg 9 1213RS Hilversum

The number of seats is VERY limited!

Tickets - 15,00 euro