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Rolanda Chagrin

Rolanda Chagrin was born in Bucharest and immigrated to Israel in 1961. She grew up in Tel-Aviv.

During the years 1977-1981 she studied acting at the Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Theatre.

Upon her graduation, in 1982, she was accepted to the Neve Tzedek Theatre in Tel-Aviv. That same year she met her future husband, the actor Julian Chagrin, with whom she toured with their English comedy show all over the world.

Between 1983-1987 she participated in the writing, acting and direction of the weekly comedy series The Orchestra ("Hatismoret"), that won the Golden Rose Award (Rose d'Or) in Switzerland.

Her film and television roles include Naftali Alter's "Irit Irit", the "Cannon Movie Tales" of Menachem Golan,  the TV shows The Tzatzkanim, and Hopa Hey.

During the years 1989-1991 she toured all over Israel with her satirical cabaret show Breasts ("Tzitzim").

In 1992 she joined the Tel Aviv Cameri Theatre.

Between 2001-2006 she played her solo show Rolanda All The Way ("Rolanda Ad Hasof"), and as of 2007 she is touring with her the solo show I Can Only Laugh At Myself ("Rak Al Aztmi Litzhok Yadati״)

Her world-tour with this show start in Amsterdam!